About the Company

In the mid 1940's Ludovico Parisi the founder of L. Parisi started making sausages, on the borders of the large Italian community in Clerkenwell. Before long he was supplying most of the Italian Delicatessens in the area and as his reputation soared restaurants and delicatessens all over the West End Of London began to stock his wares. By the 1960's Emil his successor had taken over and it was fairly safe to say that if you dined on Italian Sausages in an Italian restaurant or bought fresh Italian sausage in Soho, Emil had made them. After many years Emil began to think of retiring and was looking for someone with the same passion for producing quality artisan sausages to take over his business.

In1995 he approached Mickey "Parisi" and asked him if he would consider becoming his partner.Mickey agreed and over the next 5years Emil gradually disclosed the secrets of his recipes

Mickey a master butcher had founded with Graham Hill the East London Sausage Shop in 1985.This was without a doubt the first shop in England to be devoted to selling sausages.With over 40 varieties carefully researched by Graham, mostly by correspondence with butchers and sausage makers all over the world(no internet in those days)They were pathfinders for what has now become a National Institution-the sausage shop.Graham can remember taking Toulouse,Merguez and Boerewors sausages to Sausage Competitions only to be told that there wasn't a class of sausage that didn't contain rusk or added water-thank goodness we are over that.

Mickey and Graham have trained many aspiring Sausage makers who have gone on to open their own sausage businesses,most of whom have sausage menus ,the contents of which closely resemble the original menu of the East London Sausage Shop.Mickey and Graham went their separate ways,they both carried on making sausages until Graham sold his business 2 years ago.

Graham and Mickey have joined forces once again to create an online shop, concentrating on the Italian sausage recipes handed down by Emil. Of course we produce other sausages but unlike other online Sausage shops we concentrate on the many kilos of the Italian Sausages made by hand each day.

So when you order from you can be assured that the sausages are fresh and true to the original recipes.