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4.95 GBP
LUGANEGA PICCANTE "a METRO"In Italy this fresh sausage is also known as Salsiccia a metro or sausage by metre where it is sold by length.Originating from the Basilicata region in Southern Italy where it is known as Lucanica or Lucania.It is made  from selected cuts of leg of pork which are coarsely ground and then mixed with a ground paste of sea salt,sun dried chillies,wild fennel seeds,garlic and cracked black pepper.
It is traditionally  cooked as a coil of desired length rather than individual sausages and can be skewered.
Lugange are wonderful on the barbecue,pan-fried or braised with cannelini beans and cabbage.
They are sold as continuous coils of approximately 3kg in narrow sheeps casings and can be cut to desired length before freezing(pinch the sausage and twist before cutting).

PRICED BY 500gms
 (equivalent to 10 to 12 chipolata sausages)