Guest Book
Cheryl Mathieu 19 Nov 2014
    Thank you for the extra sausage! I made a delicious pot of Sausage and Kale Soup tonight.You make the best sausage in London!
Adriano Pezzotta 3 Sep 2014
    These sausages are fantastic,graham really knows how to look after his customers,thank you
stephen squires 2 Sep 2013
    Tried Luganega piccante a metro & Basilico
I am 60 and traveled the world
and these are the best Sausages I have ever had. will be ordering more tomorrow Graham is very helpful . Stephen Squires
Ben Knibbs 16 Jul 2013
    We received your selection box the day after ordering and served them to our guests, using your Sausage and Cannellini Bean Casserole recipe. Absolutely fabulous!! Eaten 'al fresco' accompanied by Italian music on a hot summer's evening - everyone commented on the delicious flavour and the tenderness of the sausages. They are really nothing like any supermarket sausage - gorgeous! Thanks a million!
Peter Badalamenti 3 Dec 2011
    I have used Parisi's Naps for years and have always been complemented by my customers for their flavour.