FAQ:When will I receive my order? Details
Orders placed before 11am Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday will arrive the following day between 8am and 5.30pm.
Time specific options are available at a surcharge.
Orders placed before 11am Friday if Saturday delivery option is chosen will be delivered on Saturday between 8am and Midday.
Orders placed after 11am Thursday,any time Friday,Saturday,Sunday,Monday and before 11am Tuesday will be delivered Wednesday.
Our default delivery day is the first valid day according to the shipping option you have chose.
You can specify a day using the Additional Delivery Information box in the shipping option you have chosen in the shopping cart.
This must be a valid day according to your shipping option.

FAQ:Why is your delivery day Wednesday. Details
    The sausages are freshly made each day starting on Monday and continuing through the week until Friday.Before the sausages are ready for sale they need to be allowed to hang in an air cooled fridge to reach the optimum temperature for shipment.This process ensures that they are despatched in perfect condition.With the addition of purified water ice packs which are frozen to -18c the insulated cool box maintains the correct temperature so they arrive at their destination at or below 5c thus maintaining the cool chain.
To allow time for production,setting and delivery we have found that despatching Tuesday for delivery Wednesday is best
FAQ:How do you arrive at your shipping charges Details
    We charge you exactly what the courier charges for shipping,we do not charge for the packaging or coolant.
FAQ: I would like to offer one of your products as a gift. Is this possible? Details
    You can send a gift to a friend by filling in their address for the shipping address and your address for the billing address.You will need to make sure that they will be in to accept delivery.We do not offer a gift wrapping service.
FAQ:Are all of your items in stock? Details
    The sausages are freshly made each day,so we always have stock.
FAQ:Do you substitute one variety for another if not in stock. Details
    Unlike other online sausage shops we do not offer 101 varieties.The sausages are made for chefs that are using them for specific recipes.Substitution would be unacceptable to them.You wouldn't order a Ferrari and be happy with a Triang Scooter.